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Birkett House School is a co-educational special school for 240 pupils aged 4-19. Pupils have a range of learning needs, from profound and multiple learning difficulties to moderate needs.

The school takes pride in postioning itself at the heart of several communities, working to give students a very bespoke pathway through their educational journey. The school has students based on 5 sites, which enables us to provide a very specialised and personal education and a range of opportunities.

The main part of the school is based at Wigston, where the majority of primary pupils work, in addition to a small cohort of older students whose primary barrier to their learning is a sensory need. The school has a number of specialist environments that allow those students with more complex needs more freedom of access. We really pride ourselves on working with our most complex pupils in close partnership with parents and a range of professionals.

For some of our most able pupils, we have established links with two local primary schools, Little Hill and Thistly Meadow. In these schools, pupils both learn and socialise alongside mainstream peers, benefiting from this inclusive approach.

The Centre is based at Thomas Estley Community College  and provides a fantastic base for inclusion and extended opportunities for 2 groups of pupils at Key Stage 3. Our Senior Department is a stand-alone building on the grounds of Countesthorpe Academy. Students here work on a varied curriculum designed to prepare them for life beyond school and transition to post-school provision.

We really value contact with parents and carers who we acknowledge will always know their son or daughter better than anyone else. Working in partnership with parents is the key to success for all aspects of pupil learning and development.

Chris White
Head Teacher