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Information for Employers & Providers

At Birkett House we view Careers education as an integral part of the learning process for all students

We are aware that many of our students will not secure conventional employment. However, we need to “aim high” and provide opportunities to experience the world of work and to consider employment as an alternative to further education or as part of a package of opportunities.

Therefore, we need to provide a Careers Education that:

  •  Allows our students to develop a much wider understanding of “work related learning”, which will allow our students to develop in a way that reflects their needs.
  • Prepares our students for adult life in the wider community by making them aware of the opportunities that exist in the world of work. For example, unpaid supported work, skills training, vocational learning opportunities in Further Education, leisure opportunities, opportunities to access paid employment and how to access bespoke employment, for example, using direct payments to provide support in a work environment.
  • Is taught in such a way that it teaches students about the world of work while at the same time raising student self  awareness about what they can realistically do while maintaining confidence and optimism.
  • If conventional employment can meet the needs of our students, then the opportunity to go to work needs to be given a high profile.

As an employer, employee, or provider, if you think that you or your workplace could offer something that would complement our Career Programme and help our students prepare for their future study or work, then please get in touch with Jenny Baker, the school’s Careers Leader on 0116 288 5802 or