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Chris White, Head Teacher - Parent/Carer Introduction Letter


Dear Parents and Carers,


Firstly, it is my sincere hope that your summer break was as enjoyable as possible but for me it was wonderful to bring the school back to life last Thursday as the students came back through the door. I’m writing to you all by way of introduction for this new academic year. As you will know, Sue Horn retired as the Head Teacher in August and it is my very genuine pleasure to take over in this capacity at Birkett House School.


Some of you may have met me before, met me already or perhaps recognise the name. Special Educational Needs is a small world and many years ago I taught at Birkett House leaving in 2012 to take a headship in Derbyshire. But the world has moved on in that time, Leicester City even won the Premier League! So, all though I have some knowledge of the school of course it has changed and now occupies a building fit for the students we have the pleasure to work for. This means over the first term, let’s be honest, probably the first year my priority is to get to know the students, you as parents and how the school operates including time at Countesthorpe, Thomas Estley and Thythorn Field Primary School.


Throughout my time in the schools I have worked in there has always been three clear priorities for me. Firstly, I want your child to feel safe and to learn in a secure and nurturing environment. Simply, I believe if a child feels safe they will learn and they will thrive. Secondly, I want your child, whatever their age, to be learning and developing skills appropriate to them and their interests, preparing themselves ultimately for their future. Thirdly, that the school should sit at the heart of this community, but what does this actually mean? As a school we must work in partnership with you recognising your priorities and at all times recognising ‘the voice and choices’ of your child. The school should be actively encouraging you to be at the centre of that community offering you opportunities to come in and share in your child’s learning.


So a busy year for me I think but one I genuinely look forward to and part of that will be meeting as many of you as I can.



Chris White

Head Teacher