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Information for Parents

The aim of our Career Programme is to prepare your child for life beyond Birkett House School, developing the skills they need for a successful future, where they are able to contribute to their own futures and take their place in society.


To do this we will;


  • Help students develop positive attitudes to purposeful activity.


  • Help all students develop the skills necessary to undertake purposeful activity – eg concentration and application.


  • Help students recognise the various roles adults play as paid workers, e.g. parents, staff in school and people in the community.


  • Develop independent travel skills, so students can access more opportunities in the community and not have to rely on others to get there.


  • Give students some insight into the world of paid employment – the range of jobs done, by whom and for what purpose.


  • Where appropriate give every student the opportunity to experience the world of paid employment through a work experience – supported by an adult where necessary.


  • Prepare all students to take their place in the adult world and wider community whether that place is in day care, further education, training or using community facilities.


  • Work with other agencies to support and enhance careers education, such as, Leicestershire Education Business Company and Prospects.