1. On behalf of pupils, staff and governors I am delighted to welcome you to the Birkett House School website.

    Birkett House is more than just a school, it’s a real community with each individual being highly valued and with everyone working in partnership to secure the greatest potential and opportunities available.

    Birkett House School is a co-educational special school for 175 pupils aged 4-19.  Pupils have a range of learning needs from profound and multiple learning difficulties to a moderate disability.

    The school, which converted to an Academy in November 2012, is unique in that it is a real community, based on 4 sites which enables us to provide a very specialised and personal education and enhanced range of opportunities…

    The main part of the school is based at Wigston where the majority of primary pupils are based in addition to older students whose prime learning need is sensory. This is because the multi – sensory rooms and hydrotherapy pool are on this site. We really pride ourselves in working with our most complex pupils and working so closely in partnership with physio therapists, occupational therapists and parents. Pupil’s needs are provided for in such a holistic way that learning, physio, care and medical needs are integrated seamlessly into a complete holistic program for each individual.

    We are planning to move from the Wigston site to a new build specially designed for our pupils on the Wigston Academy Campus in September 2017.

    A small group of primary pupils are co-located at Thythorn Field Primary School where they are are able to learn in a highly supportive, inclusive setting. All staff at all our sites are employed by BIRKETT House.

    The Centre based at Thomas Estley Community College provides a fantastic base for inclusion and extended opportunities for 2 groups of pupils at Key Stage 3.

    Our Senior Department is situated on the grounds of Countesthorpe Community College.

    We are presently fortunate to have a residential department which is based at the Wigston site.  This department provides a vast range of extended educational opportunities for pupils from Keystage 3 and above culminating in ‘Independent Living Weekends ‘ for our pre-leavers. (This facility will close when the school is re-sited).

    We really value contact with parents and carers who we acknowledge will always know their son or daughter better than anyone else. The whole school has an ‘Open Door Policy’ and you are genuinely welcome at any time. Working in partnership with parents is the key to success for all aspects of pupil learning and development.

    The staff team work so hard to ensure that your son/ daughter has every opportunity to progress in their learning but also in their independence and general development. All staff strive to pursue the schools vision – CHALLENGE: ACHIEVE: CELEBRATE. It is a privilege and honor to work with such a passionate, hardworking, committed staff team.

    I am extremely proud to be the Head of such a fantastic community and extend an invitation to you to come and share in a fantastic experience which is Birkett House School.

    Sue Horn

    Challenge.   Achieve.    Celebrate.

    I am pleased, as Chair of Governors, to introduce our school.

    We have a dedicated and hardworking staff who  provide a highly specialised learning plan that is designed to meet the special needs of each student.

    We provide full access to the subjects of the National Curriculum and teachers also concentrate on developing students’ communication ,  independence and social skills.

    All the school governors live locally and work closely with the staff to ensure that the school budget is used wisely to ensure the best possible education.

    Our main site is at Wigston;  however we also have our own units at a primary school, a middle school  and at Countesthorpe  Community College where we recently moved into a purpose-built centre for our senior students.   This gives opportunities both for individual learning and for inclusion in many of the activities of the mainstream schools.

    At the Wigston site, as well as a therapeutic  swimming pool, a sensory room and a soft play room, there is residential provision where the educational day is extended for the continued development of independence and social skills under the guidance of a skilled residential team.

    Birkett House School offers a caring and stimulating environment where each student can meet every new  challenge …  can achieve many new successes…  and can celebrate every new step forward.

    Rosemary Lowe, Chair of Governors


    Birkett House is a school at the heart of its community. We aspire for all our pupils to work in an environment that encourages lifelong learning, equipping pupils with the tools and skills to achieve. We will work to encourage pupils to develop confidence, self-belief and be aware of the choices open to them. We will encourage tolerance and inclusion, where all pupils are able to build effective relationships based on strength of community, friendship and respect. In short, we expect the students of Birkett House to be both aspirational and inspirational

    School Aims

    Through positive experiences, we will develop as fully as possible our abilities and interests and be proud of ourselves and our achievements.

    We will work in partnership preparing for life in and beyond school where we are able to contribute to our own futures and take our place in society.

    We will develop the skills we will need for a successful future.

    We will respect ourselves and others in an environment where we are confident, secure and happy.

    We will develop the skills we need to meet real life challenges

    Please download our Curriculum Statements below:

    1. Foundation & KS1
    2. KS2
    3. KS3
    4. KS4
    5. KS5
    6. Communication
    7. Behaviour
    8. Complex Needs

    9. Residence

    Curriculum Summaries

    Wendy’s Class

    Jo & Marie’s Class

    Jenii’s Class

    Roxanne’s Class

    Kiona’s Class

    Kelly’s Class

    Ruth’s Class

    Sarah & Kate’s Class


    Please use links to view the Schools and Residence latest Ofsted Reports.

    Residence is inspected annually.

    > Residence Ofsted Report 2017 

    > Ofsted Report (2015)